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i'm having a sleepover and need some help. i cant go to the pool and i want to have a low-fuss themed party that is not v. exspensive

Make Your Own Natural Lip Gloss and Lotion Party

You can make natural lip-gloss, lotions and melt and pour soaps at your next party. Google the words "natural lotion kit" or "natural lip gloss lotion kit" to find local distributors and/or manufacturers of such kits. These activities are fun to do at a party because your guests will learn how to make these products and will be able to take something home. You can also find kits for bath salts and melt and pour soap.

Inside the kit you will the necessary ingredients and containers plus easy to read instructions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the process. Making these types of products is similar to cooking because you use the same equipment are are measuring, mixing and heating. When you make these types of products yourself, you will discover how simple and fun to make them. Have a buffet and refreshments ready and your party is on.


Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

Kid party favors are one item you don't want to forget. But kid party favors aren't the only items you should have on hand at the party. If you're planning any games and activities, get enough prizes to go around. Possibilities that kids will enjoy include character watches, key chains, and puppets. To make winning prizes more fun, wrap them up so guests will have their own little gifts to open up. Kids party favors don't have to be pre-arranged when the party starts. You can turn the party favors into one of the activities by having the children decorate their own goody bags using different arts and crafts supplies. Hand out brown paper bags and let kids use their imagination and make their own unique party favor bag. You can then have a handful of small trinkets to let kids choose from to take home in their bag.

Can you suggest some inexpensive party favors?

Budget Birthday Party Favors For Under Five Dollars

The cost of throwing a birthday party is expensive enough. When you have to consider the cost of food, cake, and decorations as well as favors, it's a good idea to look for ways you can save on keepsakes for your guests. Here are some budget party favors which will save your pocketbook, but won't skimp on pizzazz.

Decorative wine stopper – Simple, smart, and functional, a decorative wine stopper makes a unique favor.

Musical shakers – Fun for kid's parties or just kids at heart, you can find inexpensive shakers in a variety of designs.

Mini Art Set – Pick up a mini crayon set along with a mini notebook. Kids will have a blast creating their own artwork.

Lottery Tickets – They're more fun than cash and for five dollars, you can buy more than one of these budget party favors.

What is an idea for birthday party favors that I can customize?

Birthday Party Favors For Every Age

Looking for birthday party favors that would work for any age? Try creating glittering votive holders for your guests. Whether the birthday celebrant is turning 10 or 20, these birthday party favors make attractive gifts that you can customize.

This is what you'll need to make just one:

  • Glass votive holder
  • Adhesive vinyl numbers
  • Flat-edged paintbrush
  • White glue
  • 1/2 ounce colored glitter
  • Wax paper
  • Acrylic spray

This is what you'll need to do:
  • Select a numerical stencil to denote the birthday year and place it on the votive. You can use one or more than one stencil in varying sizes for a different look.
  • Pour glitter onto a sheet of wax paper.
  • Paint a thick layer of glue onto the glass votive while taking care to avoid the numbered area.
  • Holding the votive by the rim and base, roll the entire surface onto the wax paper so that it is covered with a layer of glitter.
  • Allow two hours for the glitter to dry.
  • Protect the glitter by spraying acrylic spray.
  • Remove the adhesive number or numbers and you have your first birthday party favor!


Kid Party Favor Ideas

If you want guests to remember a very special birthday, consider giving a keepsake kid party favor for a birthday celebration. Ceramic picture frames or photo albums are popular choices. Another way to create a keepsake for guests is to personalize the kid party favor by putting the child's name and birth date on the favor. Personalized bubbles might make a great kid party favor, but they don't just come in a standard bottle. For variety, consider getting bubbles in a playful cell phone container. Going with sweet treats for a kid party favor? Consider mini gumball machines. If you're looking for music, you can't go wrong with choices like kid's tunes from the Backyardigans to Dora the Explorer.

Can you give me some ideas for kid party favors?

Kid Party Favor Ideas

Birthday parties for kids have endless possibilities. Throw a simple party at home, take the gang out to for an afternoon at the park, or throw an extravagant fete, complete with a live magician and band. To complete your child's birthday affair, come up with kid party favor ideas to compliment your event, whether it be an intimate get together or with a guest list with a hundred or more.

Personalized bubbles – Bubbles at any child's event make great kid party favor ideas. Make yours special by creating customized labels to commemorate your child's birthday affair.

Origami Animals – What can be more fun than colorful origami animals for every kid to take home? Turn this into an interesting activity by letting each child make her own version to take home.

Sweet Favor Treats – You'd be hard put to find a kid that didn't appreciate a sweet treat or two. Package up your own version of chocolates, gummy candies, and snack chews which compliment your birthday theme.

Music CD's – Does your child have some favorite tunes he enjoys? If you're planning on playing some birthday party music for all the guests, consider creating your own birthday label and handing out CD's to guests before they go.

What birthday party supplies would make great favors?

Birthday Party Supplies That Make Great Favors

Kick up the fun factor at your next birthday event with these birthday party supplies – zoo animal straws! The best part is your guest can use them at the party and take them home as favors.

This is what you'll need to get:

  • 3” cookie cutters of various animals (Substitute other shapes for a different theme.)
  • Colored construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Penknife
  • Mat cutting board
  • Plastic drinking straws

This is what you'll need to do:
  • Take one of your animal cookie cutters and lay it out on the construction paper.
  • Trace the shape with a pencil and trim with the penknife on top of the mat cutting board.
  • Mark two parallel 1/2” slits, 3/4” apart with the pencil. Place them in the center of the animal shape.
  • Cut slits with penknife.
  • Thread animal shape onto drinking straw so that it is about 3” below the drinking end.
  • Repeat with the other animal shapes until you have enough birthday party supplies for all your guests.

What kid party favors can I involve the kids in?

Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

Kid party favors don't have to be throwaway items or hum drum birthday tokens. You can have kid party favors that the guests will enjoy as much at the party as when they go home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Party photos – Get a kid's digital camera, let the birthday child and her guests take pictures. Print out the party photos as keepsakes before everyone leaves.

T-shirts – Buy a number of white t-shirts as favors. Get some fabric spray paint. Let each child create her own design and take home a memento from the party.

Puzzle Sets – Give each child a small, boxed puzzle set to complete. When she's done, she can take the completed piece to try again at home.

Lego Sets - Buy a complete Lego set which allows each guest to make her own creation. Your guest gets to take home the piece she's finished.

Can you give me some ideas for what to put in a gift bag?

Putting Together a Birthday Party Gift Bag

One way to send the guests home happy is with a birthday party gift bag. It's a nice way to thank your visitors for coming and give them something to remember the occasion. Just what you give depends on the formality of the event and the age of the recipients. We've put together a few birthday party gift bag suggestions for you to try:

Party Gift Bag For Kids – Go with the theme of your child's party. For instance, if your theme is the circus, pack a kazoo, animal crackers, small juggling set, and animal figurines into a bag.

Casual Gift Bag For Adults – A casual gift bag can entail anything which will help commemorate the night's festivities. Celebrating a birthday with a movie night? Give guests a party bag in a box – a popcorn box, that is. Include snacks, a beverage, a guide to the latest flicks, and a certificate to a DVD rental.

Elegant Gift Bag For Adults – If the event is formal and upscale, the party gift bag must be equally so. However, elegant doesn't mean expensive. If you're throwing an evening event with Japanese hors d'oeuvres, send your guests off with an elegant set of chopsticks, sauce tray, and a miniature book on sushi. Package it all up in a chic colored take-out box.


Birthday Party Supplies That Make Great Favors

Creating fun birthday party supplies like animal themed straws calls for something equally whimsical to drink out of. Consider getting a coconut cup to pair with a monkey straw or a circus cup to pair with an elephant straw. Want to go with a different theme? Make straws with crowns fit for a king or queen and pair your homemade birthday party supplies with goblets for a royal birthday affair. Balloons are one of the most important birthday party supplies for a child. If you're keeping it simple, you can use solid-colored balloons and mix and match different hues to fit the theme of the party. On the other hand, birthday party supplies have gotten more and more elaborate and balloons are no exception. Mylar balloons are shiny and metallic and come in a variety of shapes, such as stars, numbers, even cartoon characters. The fun part about using these balloons is you can pick one flashy Mylar balloon and surround it with plain balloons and still create a dramatic effect. If you're throwing a theme party, there are also Mylar balloons with television and movie characters. Regular balloons also come in fun styles, like cow-prints or stars.

I need party favor ideas that can double as decorations. What can I do?

Party Favor Ideas: Double Duty as Decorations

When you're looking for party favor ideas, don't forget to incorporate your decorations as favors. Balloons can make a great party favor. Helium balloons especially are great fun for the kids to take home. Buy a few extra in case some pop during the party though. Even regular balloons can put a smile on a child's face, though.

If you're at all inclined, make animals or shapes by twisting balloons together. For older kids, have them create the balloon shapes as an activity and take their creation home. Party favor ideas can be as unique as your child. For a child, party favors they've created are especially fun.


Birthday Party Favors For Every Age

A great way to keep birthday party favors protected is by boxing them up in printed favor boxes. You can choose from great prints to match the theme of your party – try a pink gingham print for the birthday girl or a blue box with stars for the birthday boy. Whatever you decide, your birthday party favors will be housed in a convenient, handled carrying case which looks great to boot. Birthday party favors should be age appropriate. Younger children shouldn't receive small objects that they might put in their mouths, so hand out items like coloring books, trading cards or festive drinking cups. Older kids won't enjoy favors that are meant for the younger set, so remember that when giving favors out. Favors for older children might include a mini gumball machine, paddle ball or PEZ dispensers. It's likely that most of the kids at the party will be about the same age as your child, so think of the types of favors you wouldn't mind seeing if your child came home from a birthday party.

What kinds of birthday party favors can I do for a firefighter party?

Firefighter Birthday and Party Favors

A firefighter birthday party is a popular theme for young boys. You can decorate the room like a fire station--make sure to include a stuffed Dalmatian toy! Outside, set up a fire station with various activities. Young children will enjoy a ride in a wagon decorated to look like a fire truck. You can also shoot the water hose at a target if you can handle wet children! For a great activity, give each child a cardboard box and let them decorate it to look like a fire truck.

Want some birthday party favor ideas? Plastic fire fighter hats are an obvious choice. Small stuffed Dalmatians would also be fun, as well as small fire trucks or water squirting toys. Some local fire stations offer a tour if you can manage an outing.

Is there a party favor that the kids can help make?

Candy Train

This is a great quick and easy project that you can do with your child to make party favors for their party or do as a project for the party goers! A candy train engine! All you will need is: A roll of Lifesavers or similar, a 5 stick pack of gum, 2 Hershey's Kisses, a Hershey's minature candy bar, 6 Starlight mints, and a low temp hot glue gun.

Begin by gluing the roll of Lifesavers to the pack of gum. Glue the wrapped Hershey's Minature standing upright to the back of the end of Lifesavers. Glue a Hershey's Kiss to the front to make a point out of the Lifesavers, another Hershey's Kiss up on top of the roll near the front end as the smoke stack. Glue three wrapped Starlight mints to each side of the pack of gum and ta-da! A candy train engine! Fun to do with the kids, and makes a great edible party favor.

What kinds of things should go into the goody bags?

They Don't Have to be Expensive!

Before you run to your favorite party store for goodies to fill loot bags, try your local dollar store (Dollar Tree, Everything's a Dollar, Dollar General, etc).

These stores have all kinds of items that can be used as prizes for games and for goodies in the loot bags. They even have the games, hats, bags, paper plates, and party favors too. Check them out for planning a party on a tight budget.

What kinds of party favors do I need for a carnival party?

Party Favors for a Carnival

One party that will require a lot of party favors is a carnival party. You can set up various games for the kids to play to win favors. These don't have to be elaborate though. Look for party favors that you can buy cheaply by the dozen. Stickers, small plastic animals, bubbles, bouncy balls, and small containers of play dough make good party favors. For girls, hair decorations and rings and bracelets can also be found inexpensively.

What kinds of child party favors work well for a girls' sleepover?

Child Party Favors and Sleepovers

If you're having a girls' sleepover party and need some activities to keep the girls busy, have some craft activities that let them create their own child party favors. Decorating hair barrettes and visors is fun. You could also get a hair ribbon making kit and set that up. Teach each girl to make friendship bracelets and supply the lacing necessary. T-shirts are always fun to decorate, with fabric paint or stamps or a tie-dye design.

What are some ideas for an affordable birthday party favor?

Birthday Party Favor on a Budget

Birthday party favors don't have to break the bank. Find some small object that fits the theme of the party. If you're a pool party, small inflatable toys are fun. If you're at the park and it's summer, squirt guns are a perennial favorite. Small airplanes or cars can fit with a variety of themes. Small stuffed animals or animal stickers can fit with themes such as a circus party, a favorite animal party (everyone brings their favorite stuffed animal), a jungle safari, or a teddy bear party.

What should I do about child party favors?

About Child Party Favors

Most children are enthtalled by bright colors and pretty things. To a young child, party favors might be the most important thing about their birthday party. For many families, the ideal is something both affordable and fun. Pick a budget per child and try to find a few small toys that fit the theme of the party.

Make sure your party favors are age-appropriate and safe for your guests. If you are having a range of ages at a party, create two different sets of toys so that the younger children don't get toys not suitable. Inexpensive toys like play dough, small sets of building blocks, or stickers can be plenty.

I'm on a budget. What party favor ideas can kids make at the party?

Party Favor Ideas: Crafts

Brainstorm a list of party favor ideas that relate to the theme of your party. Bandanas can be decorated as one of the party activities and then sent home with each child for a cowboy or cowgirl party. Hats or visors can be decorated to match many different themes. For older children, decorating t-shirts can be fun and provide both an activity and a party favor.

*Ideas can be found online or by thumbing through any number of birthday party idea books at your local library.

Are there any good ideas for a spring girl's birthday party favor?

Birthday Party Favor for a Spring Girl's Birthday Party

Sure, you can buy a goodie bag and stuff it with an assortment of plastic trinkets like every other mom putting together a birthday party favor bag for guests. However, for a girl's spring birthday that is a lot more unique, why not try something completely different? To make a spring planter party favor, you should:

  • Buy a pot for each girl instead of a goodie bag. Buy plastic pots for girls under five to avoid any injury from broken pots. For an older crowd, ceramic, resin or clay pots are fine.
  • Decorate the pots with paint, markers, small artificial flowers and other embellishments. If the party is for older girls, you may actually want to turn this into an activity for them to do during the party. They'll enjoy personalizing their own pots.
  • Add a plastic sandwich bag filled with potting soil and a packet of seeds that grow easily, such as marigolds or zinnias, to each pot.
  • A step by step instruction sheet for planting flower seeds is a nice touch.
  • Remember to tuck a few more traditional goodies into the pot, such as plastic rings, fancy hair accessories, princess tattoos and candy, as well.

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