Make Your Own Natural Lip Gloss and Lotion Party

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i'm having a sleepover and need some help. i cant go to the pool and i want to have a low-fuss themed party that is not v. exspensive

Make Your Own Natural Lip Gloss and Lotion Party

You can make natural lip-gloss, lotions and melt and pour soaps at your next party. Google the words "natural lotion kit" or "natural lip gloss lotion kit" to find local distributors and/or manufacturers of such kits. These activities are fun to do at a party because your guests will learn how to make these products and will be able to take something home. You can also find kits for bath salts and melt and pour soap.

Inside the kit you will the necessary ingredients and containers plus easy to read instructions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the process. Making these types of products is similar to cooking because you use the same equipment are are measuring, mixing and heating. When you make these types of products yourself, you will discover how simple and fun to make them. Have a buffet and refreshments ready and your party is on.



4/5/2007 6:09:37 AM
Sarah said:

I think that this is a good idea but not sure how many people use the product at a time like the number, 6,9,14.


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