Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

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What kid party favors can I involve the kids in?

Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

Kid party favors don't have to be throwaway items or hum drum birthday tokens. You can have kid party favors that the guests will enjoy as much at the party as when they go home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Party photos – Get a kid's digital camera, let the birthday child and her guests take pictures. Print out the party photos as keepsakes before everyone leaves.

T-shirts – Buy a number of white t-shirts as favors. Get some fabric spray paint. Let each child create her own design and take home a memento from the party.

Puzzle Sets – Give each child a small, boxed puzzle set to complete. When she's done, she can take the completed piece to try again at home.

Lego Sets - Buy a complete Lego set which allows each guest to make her own creation. Your guest gets to take home the piece she's finished.



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