Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

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Activities You Can Turn Into Kid Party Favors

Kid party favors are one item you don't want to forget. But kid party favors aren't the only items you should have on hand at the party. If you're planning any games and activities, get enough prizes to go around. Possibilities that kids will enjoy include character watches, key chains, and puppets. To make winning prizes more fun, wrap them up so guests will have their own little gifts to open up. Kids party favors don't have to be pre-arranged when the party starts. You can turn the party favors into one of the activities by having the children decorate their own goody bags using different arts and crafts supplies. Hand out brown paper bags and let kids use their imagination and make their own unique party favor bag. You can then have a handful of small trinkets to let kids choose from to take home in their bag.



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