Putting Together a Birthday Party Gift Bag

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Can you give me some ideas for what to put in a gift bag?

Putting Together a Birthday Party Gift Bag

One way to send the guests home happy is with a birthday party gift bag. It's a nice way to thank your visitors for coming and give them something to remember the occasion. Just what you give depends on the formality of the event and the age of the recipients. We've put together a few birthday party gift bag suggestions for you to try:

Party Gift Bag For Kids – Go with the theme of your child's party. For instance, if your theme is the circus, pack a kazoo, animal crackers, small juggling set, and animal figurines into a bag.

Casual Gift Bag For Adults – A casual gift bag can entail anything which will help commemorate the night's festivities. Celebrating a birthday with a movie night? Give guests a party bag in a box – a popcorn box, that is. Include snacks, a beverage, a guide to the latest flicks, and a certificate to a DVD rental.

Elegant Gift Bag For Adults – If the event is formal and upscale, the party gift bag must be equally so. However, elegant doesn't mean expensive. If you're throwing an evening event with Japanese hors d'oeuvres, send your guests off with an elegant set of chopsticks, sauce tray, and a miniature book on sushi. Package it all up in a chic colored take-out box.



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