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Are there any creative ideas for sweet 16 invitations?

Sweet 16 Invitations

You've got your theme, your favors and the music. Now all you need are your guests. To get them to the party, you'll need some sweet 16 invitations that are just as wonderful as all of the party plans. For invitations that are sure to make a great first impression, you should:

  • Think outside the box. Invitations don't have to be in the traditional form of cards in envelopes. Record the invitation and burn it on a CD or DVD. Sing, make it a play, or recite it as a poem. There are so many silly and funny ways to let everyone know about the big day. (This is only cool if the teenager the party is for does the performance. A parent putting on the performance will mortally embarrass the poor teen.)
  • Consider alternatives to cardstock if you still want a written invitation. Why not write all the details on a balloon or using icing to write them on a cookie instead of filling out a piece of paper?
  • Make the invitation all about the presentation. Deliver an invitation card that has been tucked into a small, glamorous purse or tied to a junk jewelry bangle.


Birthday Supplies You'll Want For A Sweet Sixteen Party

Birthday supplies for a sweet sixteen party are all the more fun if they come with a twist. If you're thinking about bringing along a camera as one of your birthday supplies, why not try a disposable version that comes with birthday messages that'll appear on each developed photo? You don't have to limit yourself to just one. Try passing several of them around to members of the party so you'll end up with a lot of candid shots.

What are some birthday supplies you recommend I have for a sweet sixteen party?

Birthday Supplies You'll Want For A Sweet Sixteen Party

Before you start planning a sweet sixteen party, you're going to want to make sure you have the proper birthday supplies. We've compiled a list of birthday supplies you'll want to have on hand to make the party complete.

  • Get a planner to record information like budget, contacts, ideas, and venues.
  • Have a camera on hand so there will be photos to remember the event by.
  • A compilation of music on CD's, whether you're throwing a dance party or another type of event, will help set the mood.
  • Get a commemorative book and pen so all the guests can sign in their well wishes for the party.
  • Pack a sweet sixteen “pick me up” kit for the birthday girl. You can include everything from a sewing kit for quick fixes to comfy slippers for tired feet at the end of a long day.

Do you have any unique ideas for sweet 16 invitations?

Unique Sweet 16 Invitations

Coming up with some ideas for sweet 16 invitations is a lot easier once you've established the theme and type of party you'll be throwing. Keeping all the elements of the event, including the invites coordinated, will keep your party tight. If you're trying to come up with some unique sweet 16 invitations, these variations will get your creative juices flowing.

For a masquerade theme, send a paper masquerade mask along with the invitation.

Planning a spa party? Print the invitation as a label around soap. Box it up and send it off.

For a luau party, create a flower pin for hair on the invitation. Have the girls wear it to the event. Boy's invitations can include a tiki pendant.

A sweet 16 at the beach calls for an invitation stuffed in a container of sand and seashells.

What are some ideas for sweet sixteen party favors?

Memorable Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

For a sweet sixteen birthday party, you want to give out favors that are meaningful and say something about the birthday girl. These sweet sixteen party favors will keep guests talking long after the party is over.

Custom chocolate dipped fortune cookies – You can personalize a message to each of your girlfriends or send one message to every guest.

Snapshot in a photo frame – Take a picture of you and the guest with a digital camera. Send a framed print home for memories.

Artist Creation – Hire an artist to create individual sweet sixteen party favors for each guest. Ideas can include everything from caricatures of your guests to painted brushstrokes of your guests' names.

What ideas do you have for a sweet sixteen party?

Birthday Party Ideas For Sixteen Year Olds

Turning sweet sixteen is a milestone for many teenage girls. This event calls for careful planning, consideration for your teenager's wishes and preferences, and a realistic look at your budget. If you're short on ideas, take a look at our birthday party ideas for sixteen year olds.

Dance party – If you're comfortable with loud music and can muster up the requisite chaperones, planning a dance party is a fun way for your sixteen year old and her friends to spend an evening. Keep it a simple affair at home or hire a band and cater the food at a rented venue.

Formal Night Out – For the teenager who is on the brink of adulthood, a night out on the town with a few girlfriends can be a memorable event. Rent a car and driver, let her pick out a fancy dress, and head out to enjoy some fine dining.

Day to be pampered – Looking for birthday party ideas for a relaxing afternoon? It's hard to find a girl who doesn't like to be pampered. And that includes a girl who's turning sweet sixteen. Have her and some girlfriends spend a day getting manicures, pedicures, and some spa time lunch to chat.

Karaoke Sleepover – If your sweet sixteen birthday girl will have a great time singing her heart out, have a karaoke sleepover. She can invite her closest friends, pick her favorite foods to dine in with, and croon to her favorite music.

Do you have some ideas for a sweet sixteen cake?

Sweet Sixteen Cake Ideas

Every sweet sixteen party needs a cake. It's the celebratory dessert finale to every birthday party meal. We've compiled some creative sweet sixteen cake ideas that'll delight the eyes just as much as the taste buds.

  • For a sweet sixteen birthday party that's a winter wonderland, create a snowflake cake. You'll need a white chocolate cake, covered in fondant with snowflake cookie cutter cutouts.
  • If your sweet sixteen party is during an afternoon tea in a garden setting, have a banana cake covered in cream cheese frosting. The cake toppings can include a bouquet of edible flowers like lavender, mini roses, pansies, and violets.
  • Having a casino night sweet sixteen? Create a citrus yellow cake with whipped cream frosting and a raspberry filling. The cake decorations will include chocolate spades and clubs. Red candy coated hearts and diamonds will finish off the garnish.
  • Here's a sweet sixteen cake idea for the budding artist - an artwork cake resting on a picture frame. Chocolate cake with butter frosting decorated with multiple colors of food coloring will do the trick. Top it all off with a few artist's paint brushes.

What are some things I should consider when choosing sweet 16 dresses?

Sweet 16 Dresses

Any dressy party is the perfect excuse for buying a glamorous new gown, but sweet 16 dresses are especially important. A sweet 16 is such a big milestone in a girl's life. Also, the dress will probably be carefully stored with dresses that she has worn for other important events for many decades to come, so it should be a dress she will still love 50 years later.

As you look at the many options for sweet 16 dresses, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To find just the right one, you should:

  • Look for a style that is youthful, but tasteful. Super short or skintight gowns with plunging necklines will usually seem too mature for a 16-year-old girl.
  • Consider how easy it would be to wear the dress, or at least part of the entire outfit, again. Some dresses can be worn as strapless gowns one time and as gowns with modest sleeves the next. Shoes in a neutral color can be worn over and over again.
  • Think about your daughter's likes and dislikes. Ultimately, the party is all about her and you wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable or unattractive on her special day.


Birthday Party Ideas For Sixteen Year Olds

Your sweet sixteen birthday girl will need some birthday accessories. Need some birthday party ideas with accessories? Is your teen a fashionista? Send out stylish purse-shaped invites to her best friends. Get your teen birthday girl a tiara for her formal night out. Getting pampered means she'll want a fun fashionable purse to hold her essentials. If she's singing her heart out for a karaoke sleepover, get her American idol props, like a microphone-shaped pinata or the American Idol contestant number kit. Her friends will enjoy the party favors like the play microphone and Pop Rocks candy.

What type of sweet 16 party favors should I use?

Sweet 16 Party Favors

When you're 16, bags of candy and plastic toys just don't cut it as party favors. A sweet sixteen is an important milestone in a teen's life and requires party favors that are more grown up. To choose the right sweet 16 party favors for your daughter's guests, you should:

  • Consider current trends for teens. For example, with the popularity of electronic gadgets currently being at an all time high, iPod cases with a code for a free music download tucked inside would be both fun and useful.
  • Think about a 16-year-old's needs, such as skin care products and makeup. You could put such items in traditional party favor bags, but why not try something a bit more unique, instead? These items could be packaged in small purses that would be useful during all of those teen dances and proms that are in the girls' future.
  • Find out what things the kids remember fondly from previous years and create time capsule favors that include one special thing from each year. Some items to consider including are small action figures from a popular movie, music from the boy band they all loved when they were 13 and the cheap mood rings they just had to have when they were eight. Make pouches using copies of newspaper front pages for the year your daughter was born to hold the goodies.

What ideas for sweet 16 cakes should I consider?

Sweet 16 Cakes

A 16th birthday cake commemorates such a special day, that the standard rectangular cake with a few words written in icing just isn't enough. Ideas for sweet 16 cakes that stand out include:

  • Make two cakes. The first cake should be in the shape of a one and the second cake should be a six. Put them on a big sheet cake to create a two layer cake that lets everyone know your daughter is turning 16.
  • Give your daughter a tiara cake for her princess or glamour party theme. If the tiara shaped cake is large enough, why not cut cupcake sized holes in the tiara's points and band so you can put cupcakes iced in jewel tone colors, like ruby red and emerald green, in the holes.
  • Create a cake that is also a hint about the big sweet 16 birthday gift. For example, you could make a car cake for a daughter who is getting her first car or a ship shaped cake if the gift is a trip to Disney world on a cruise ship.
  • Cakes that are shaped like something related to a favorite hobby are also fun. For the daughter who is a professional shopper, perhaps a cake that looks like a red high heel would be perfect. A glamour girl might prefer a lipstick cake.

Are there any good sweet 16 party themes for sophisticated girls?

Sweet 16 Party Themes

Your little girl outgrew Dora the Explorer at the age of six, so you know she's going to want a really sophisticated sweet 16 party. However, you don't want to make it too sophisticated. Luckily, there are quite a few sweet 16 party themes that are the perfect combination of sweet and sophisticated. Try one of these sweet 16 party ideas:

  • Throw a fairytale party filled with all the magic and romance of Cinderella. You will need to convince the guys to come in a tux or princely costume, but convincing the girls to wear beautiful gowns shouldn't be a problem. That alone should make her day. Ballroom dance or waltzing lessons, a faux duel and activities like making tiaras complete the theme.
  • Hold a makeover party. This sweet 16 party idea is especially great for birthdays that are right before the prom season. Have a hair stylist, makeup professional and photographer on hand, as well as plenty of accessories and junk jewelry. After they get their makeovers, they can get a photograph of their new look taken as a keepsake.

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