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I bought concert tickets for my friend, but I don't have them yet. How can I tell what she's getting?

Birthday Gifts: Concert Tickets

Your friend loves the band. The band's having a concert. And you, being a great friend, bought the tickets as a birthday gift. Since small pieces of cardboard don't really tell the story, try one of these creative gift-giving ideas: Give your friend a CD of the band's music with a note about the tickets. Or take one of your favorite lyrics from the band, format it in a desktop publishing program, and present it in a beautifully wrapped gift box. You could also take a photo of the concert venue and create a "teaser" that makes your friend guess what special event is in his or her future.

Is there a fun game that includes fashion and food?

A Super Sweet Party Game

Wanna celebrate that next big birthday with a game that combines chocolate, fashion, and the thrill of competition? Try the Chocolate Party Game! Have partygoers sit in circle with a tray in the center containing a hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork, die, and a wrapped chocolate bar. Players take turns rolling the die. If a player rolls a 6, he or she has to dress in the hat, scarf and gloves, and use the knife and fork to unwrap the chocolate bar before they can eat it. The player's goal is to eat the chocolate before the next 6 is rolled.

How can I make my birthday slumber party memorable?

A Birthday Slumber Party They Won't Forget

You stayed up late, you ate too much, you played a prank or two. If only you could capture the memories of your birthday slumber party forever. Well, you can...and all your friends can, too. Use a digital camera to take candid shots of your guests during your birthday party fun. Then plan one activity where you create keepsakes with the images -- small boxes, paperdolls, jewelry, posters, you name it. You'll have fun creating your treasures, and everyone will go home with a memory they can keep forever.

I am trying to think of a fun theme birthday party for my husband who will be 28 -- Can you help me?

Parties for Big Boys

Birthday parties aren't just for kids! Even men nearing the big 3-0 enjoy a creatively-themed party courtesy of their family and friends. Consider his hobbies, interests and willingness to be in the spotlight when selecting that all-important theme. Is he a big sports fan? Has he seen every episode of a favorite TV show? (If he's a ham, he might enjoy an American Idol-themed soiree.) You could even use his age (for example, 28 years old) to fashion a "28 things we like about Bob" themed party. Use your imagination, and your guest of honor is sure to have fun.

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