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What Are 10 Awesome Bucket List Ideas?

There is much to be experienced in this world before we die, and such little time to experience it all. Bucket lists can help you determine what awesome things you'd like to do in your lifetime.

Defying Gravity

Whether skydiving, parasailing, or bungee jumping, there are many ways to defy gravity if you're a thrill seeker.

Travel the World

Traveling the world and experiencing new places is a must for adventure seekers. Make it a goal to visit every continent, or at least another country.

Climb a Mountain

Climbing a mountain is a good way to overcome fears and experience something completely new.

Learn a Musical Instrument

If you've always wanted to learn a musical instrument, make it a goal to learn one. If you already know how to play one, learn another.

Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language will help your communication skills. If you're already bilingual, pick a new language to learn.

See the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis is one of nature's most awe-inspiring occurrences. Make it a goal to travel north, where nature's light show is visible.

Spend New Year's Eve in Time Square

Time Square in New York City is a famous spot for ringing in the New Year. Everyone should experience it at least once in their life.

Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

Meeting a favorite celebrity is a goal that is easily obtainable, given your favorite celebrity is still alive.

Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is something most people dream of seeing. Make it a goal to view the star studded sidewalk.

Write a Book

Many people dream of writing a book, but few lack the discipline to actually do it. Make the time and effort to write the book you've always dreamed of writing.


How to Deal With Getting Older In a Positive Way

The only downside to birthdays is that the more of them you have had, the older you are. As one gets older, you find that things that were so easy to do in the past start getting harder. However, while growing old is inevitable, feeling old is not. Here are some tips that will help you live to a healthy, fruitful and happy ripe, old age.


To ensure that your body and mind is in good shape, you have to exercise them both frequently. This means that you should take up a sport you enjoy, or find other ways to make exercise a consistant part of your daily routine.

Make sure you exercise your mind too with activities such as playing chess, solving puzzles or learning a new language.

Hit the Gym

Research has shown that weight lifting is the only known exercise that stops and reverses loss of muscle and bone density that comes with aging. This makes it an even more vital exercise for women so as to decrease the probability of suffering from osteoporosis.

Eat Right

As you age, your body has a harder time absorbing minerals and vitamins, which you can counteract by eating a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits, or by taking a daily supplement.

Your metabolism slows down as you age. A better diet will keep your bad cholesterol in check and its attendant maladies at bay.

Change Your Habits

This refers to dropping bad habits such as smoking, and reinforcing good habits such as exercising. Also make it a habit to try new things. Pick up an instrument, take a class- never stop learning. You're only as old as you feel.


Best Quotes on Aging

1. “Most people don't grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.” - Maya Angelou

2. “Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.” - Gloria Steinem

3. “At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.” - George Orwell

4. “You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” - George Bernard Shaw

5. “It’s very simple. As you grow, you learn more. If you stayed at twenty-two, you’d always be as ignorant as you were at twenty-two. Aging is not just decay, you know. It’s growth. It’s more than the negative that you’re going to die, it’s also the positive that you understand you’re going to die, and that you live a better life because of it.” - Mitch Albom

6. “I'm pretty sure that eating chocolate keeps wrinkles away because I have never seen a 10 year old with a Hershey bar and crows feet.” - Amy Neftzger

7. “Never too late to learn some embarrassingly basic, stupidly obvious things about oneself.” - Alain de Botton

8. “Old is always fifteen years from now.” - Bill Cosby

9. “Sometimes I want to clean up my desk and go out and say, “Respect me; I’m a respectable grown-up!" and other times I just want to jump into a paper bag and shake and bake myself to death.” - Wendy Wasserstein

10. “We start our sometimes tedious, sometimes exciting, often times sad and stressful march to the grave the moment we're born, so it might as well be a march worth remembering.” - Donna Lynn Hope


Great Leap Year Birthday Party Ideas

Feel sad because you only have a birthday every four years? Don’t be! Like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, here are a few great suggestions for how to have a great un-birthday party every year instead of waiting and only having a quarter of your birthdays.

Pick Your Favorite

Most people are stuck with one day to celebrate. Not you. Pick your favorite day and rock out. For example, if you remember your graduation fondly, then your new birthday party date could be June 20th. You can pick any date that has special meaning like the day of your first kiss, the day you got your driver’s license, or even the day you got your braces off.

Keep Everyone Guessing

Rotate your birthday through the seasons so the fourth year is your winter year, happening on your actual birth date. The other three are fun, season-themed parties involving everything you like best about winter, spring, summer, and fall. If you have a favorite movie or book, this is the time to create a party theme to surprise your guests. Everyone will look forward to celebrating you.

It Is All About You

No matter what anyone tries to tell you to do about celebrating your birthday, remember that it is always your call. Don’t let anyone rain on your birthday celebration. If you love the zoo downtown but it is outdoors, pick a date where everyone can comfortably enjoy themselves while celebrating your day.

Your birthday is your special day. Whether you celebrate it once a year or once every four, as long as you're doing what makes you happy, the rest will naturally follow.


Ten Songs to Play at a Birthday Party

Birthday songs make the perfect soundtrack for some of the most special moments in your life. To help you decide on the best songs to play at any birthday party, here is a list of relevant top ten songs:

  1. Kool and the Gang-“Celebration” (produced in 1980); a throwback tune that is easy to sing to and has wonderful flow that will bring the 80’s into the room.

  2. Rihanna-“Birthday Cake” (produced in 2011); a sensual song that will set the right mood for any grown up party with its great dance beats.

  3. Flo Rida-“Birthday” (produced in 2008); Flo Rida gives you an epic dance track and a must-have act at your birthday party.

  4. The game-“Celebration” (produced in 2012); a great song that will have you singing along to the tunes.

  5. Fabolous -"This Is My Party" (produced in 2013). Its funky party instrumentals have kept it a party classic since its release.

  6. Alphaville-"Forever Young" (produced in 1984); The 80s at it's finest. Or if you prefer more recent songs, use Jay-Z's version.

  7. R Kelly-"It's Your Birthday" (produced in 2004). This is a classic party hit that will keep the older audience entertained.

  8. 50 Cent- “In Da Club" (produced in 2002); this song is a must have for a dance scene memory at your birthday party.

  9. Lil' Bow Wow-"Eighteen" (produced in 2011); Bow Wow produce this track exclusively for birthdays. It is a must-have, especially if you are turning eighteen.

  10. Leslie Gore-“It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to)” (produced in 1963); It's an oldie, and still a goodie.


How to play 'Happy Birthday' on the Piano

For a person who already knows the notes on a piano, Happy Birthday is a relatively easy song to learn with no sharps and no flats. However, for a novice piano player, simply giving you the notes, isn't going to be super helpful. So let's do a quick overview of the piano.

Most pianos are comprised of 88 notes. While looking at these notes, you might observe that the black keys are in alternating clusters of two's and three's.

Find a group of two black keys. Put your finger on the first of the two, or the left black key. Slide your finger to the left to touch the white key that is directly beside it. This key is a C. On an 88 key piano, there are eight C's.

Right smack dab in the center, is middle C. To locate your middle C, you position yourself at the center of the piano, right below the manufacturer's name, find that central cluster of two black keys, and put your finger on the white key that is directly to the left of the 1st black key. Voila! Middle C.

Okay, that was the hard part.

Going to the right or up from C you have D, E, F, G, A, B, and then C again. Go ahead and mark those letters on your piano with tape until you can remember without the tape. Going to the left or down from middle C, the notes are B, A, G, F, E, D, and C. Mark these keys as well. Usually the notes above middle C are played with the right hand and notes below C are played with the left hand. C can be played by either. So here is the actual song:

left hand: G G A G C B, G G A G,

right hand: D C,

left hand: G G

right hand : G E C

left hand: B A

right hand: F F E C D C.

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