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Are there any good birthday gift ideas for teens?

Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens

It can be hard to find the right birthday gift ideas for teens. They tend to have very specific tastes and those tastes can change rapidly, which makes buying things ahead of time a big challenge. However, there are a few gift ideas that are sure to make almost any teen happy.

Unless a teen suffers from a food allergy, snacks of any kind should go over well. Put together a gift basket crammed with an assortment of your teen's favorites. Make sure to add a few of those special items you usually refuse to toss in the shopping cart because they are too pricey to buy at the rate your teen consumes them.

While it may not be exciting for the giver, a gift card is another gift that can please almost any teen. The key to giving gift cards is to keep the coolness of the store being chosen in mind. There is nothing more disappointing for a teen than discovering that that $25 gift certificate is for an exclusive store that caters to older women. If you can find a gift card from Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, the teen will be able to shop at the store of his or her choice.

How do I find birthday presents for my mom?

Finding Birthday Presents for Moms

Buying birthday presents for moms can really be tough. Many times, the response to questions like, "What would you like for your birthday?" is something similar to, "Oh, hon, I have everything I need. Why don't you save your money and get something for yourself?" Obviously, that isn't going to happen. So, how are you going to find the right gift for your mother?

  • Be observant. Sneak a peek at her magazines to see if she's marked any pages that have things you could buy on them. See what catches her eye if you are window shopping and make a note of it.
  • Take another look at her magazines to see if she has subscription labels on them. If she has quite a few issues of a magazine, but doesn't subscribe, you've got a gift idea you know she'll like right there.
  • Recruit spies. Ask other people to listen for hints about what she needs or wants. Of course, they may not share the information with you if they are looking for a present idea, too.
  • Ask some questions. Find out if there's anything she's always wanted to learn or do. Talk about what you'd do if you won a small cash prize and ask what she would do.

Can I hire someone to write birthday poems?

Birthday Poems on Demand

You really want to express how special a friend or relative is to you, but you can't even write a quick note, let alone write something as creative as a birthday poem. Luckily, there is an option that allows you to give a birthday poem to the birthday honoree without writing anything besides your signature on a check. You can hire a poet to write the poem for you. To be sure this gift turns out to be a success, you should:

  • Ask to see samples of the poet's work before making a decision that this poet is the right one for the job. Some poets write very simply and sweetly, while others use obscure phrases and references.
  • While it may be tempting to ask the poet to ghostwrite the poem, remember that you'll then have a reputation as a poet to maintain. Hey, you thought of getting someone to write the poem. That's cool enough.
  • Make sure to give the poet plenty of material to work with. The more the poet knows about the birthday boy or girl, the better and more personal the poem will be. Consider giving the poet information about hobbies, personality, physical characteristics and favorite things.

What should I know before I buy a personalized birthday present?

Give a Personalized Birthday Present

If you want to give a birthday present that is cherished for many years to come, you may want to consider personalizing it. Personalized gifts make it pretty obvious that you selected them just for the recipients. After all, what are the odds that you'd come across a tote bag with Alexis embroidered on it at the last minute? Of course, there are a few things you should consider before running out to buy something and have it personalized.

  • Think twice before giving a child a backpack, hat, or coat with his or her name on it. When someone knows a child's name, he or she can be tricked into thinking a parent really did send the adult to pick him or her up. If you are personalizing items that can easily be read by strangers, initials are a safer option.
  • Make sure items being personalized are well made. You don't want to spend extra money for engraving or embroidery, only to have the item break or wear out in the space of a few weeks.
  • Always take the time to inspect the piece before you leave the store. More than one store has a stack of items that have misspelled names or flawed engraving on them in the clearance section.

How can I buy gifts on time?

Gift Chest

Rather than panicking for what to buy somebody a day or two before their birthday, I find it helpful to have a "gift chest". Throughout the year when I see something that a person might like, I buy it and put it in a box until the day arrives.

*One can also buy "generic" type gifts, like wine, a picture frame, etc. and keep them for unexpected occasions that require a gift.

What are some gift ideas for my fiance´s birthday?

FiancÚ's Birthday

Buying for a fiancé can be fun! The two of you are on the verge of starting a new life together and your gifts can reflect that! Gift ideas should come easily if the gift will benefit both of you.

How about a hammock for two? Or a picnic basket and blanket? Or maybe some romantic gifts that can be enjoyed on your honeymoon, like scented oils or candles? Even household gifts can be good since they'll be symbolic of your new shared life!

How can I make birthday gifts represent the growth of my child?

Birthday Gifts and Responsibilities

In addition to birthday gifts, consider giving your child an extra privilege and an extra responsibility each birthday. Aside from the usual material birthday gifts, the addition of a special privilege to be granted on each birthday adds to the momentous occasion. From crossing streets to wearing certain kinds of makeup, this is a tradition that can continue from early childhood on through the teen years.

Giving the birthday child an extra responsibility acknowledges their maturity on a different level. The child may complain but learning how to do things and being responsible for certain tasks leads to improved confidence and acknowledges their growth.

How can I make sure I don´t forget a birthday?

Never Miss Another Birthday

Stumped on gift ideas? Who doesn't like flowers? And, most flower merchants have scheduled delivery programs that you can sign up for months or even years in advance.

*Avoid the last minute rush by booking ahead, way ahead. Ask about cancellation policy, and credit charge dates, phone verification, etc.

What are some birthday gift ideas for kids?

Birthday Gift Ideas

When selecting a birthday gift, ideas abound! For children, popular board games or videos or music are perennial favorites. If the child has hobbies or a collection, selecting something particular to their interests is fun. If you don't know about any specific hobbies, your child will probably have some good ideas about what they would like to receive.

For older children, gifts can get trickier. Gift cards for online music, scrap booking supplies or some other hobby, or movie tickets are usually welcome. It can be difficult to select specific records or videos unless you know what they do and do not have already. For fun, you can always disguise the gift card by wrapping it in a box so the birthday person still gets the fun of opening a surprise.

What kind of birthday gift can I give for a child who's extra special?

Unique Birthday Gift

For a unique birthday gift, consider giving an older child a set of lessons in some skill they'd like to learn. You can probably find affordable lessons through your city's recreation department for a wide variety of topics. Dance classes, arts and crafts, music classes--even cooking classes for older kids--can all be fun.

*Check with the parents to make sure the class is okay with them before mentioning it to the child. For an extra special gift, consider offering to drive the child to and from the class if possible so as not to burden the parents.

What´s a unique gift idea for an adult?

Unique Gift Baskets

For an interesting gift, why not put together a basket of small items the adult would enjoy? If he's a fishing enthusiast, throw in some lures, some line, and some snacks for a day of fishing. If she likes to sew, throw in different threads, squares of fabric, and some interesting patterns.

If the gift is for someone you don't know very well, throw in some neutral items like candles, bubble bath, specialty cheeses or wine. Tie an interesting bow on top, and voila! You've just created a unique and useful gift without spending too much money!

What´s a good gift for a man?

Picnic Gift Basket

You know what they say... "Life's a picnic!" So why not give that special person a picnic gift basket? Include a bottle of wine, plates, bowls with lids, wine glasses, a red and white checked picnic blanket, favourite foods or anything they would like at a picnic.

*You can wrap the basket in the tablecloth or blankets and tie it up with raffia. Make sure to include a card that says, "Life's a picnic!"

What are some other ideas for a birthday gift basket?

Birthday Gift Basket Collections

A birthday gift basket can be as fun to build as it is to receive! Dinner in a basket is a nice theme for many different ages, be it a college student or an elderly person living alone. A small collection of fun special jams and jellies along with some bagels works well too. Sausage, cheese, crackers, and fruit make a complete picnic lunch. If you don't want to go the food route, think of entertainment.

Movie tickets and a gift certificate for babysitting will be a welcome treat for many young parents. Gardeners will have fun with a new set of pruning shears or trowel, nice gloves, and some new seeds. The car enthusiast always enjoys a car washing birthday gift basket. Scrapbookers are sure to enjoy some new pages, decorative shears, stamps, and decorations.

What should I keep in mind when buying for a toddler?

Keep Safety and Age in Mind

Many times parents and friends get excited about sharing new toys and experiences with toddlers! This is great, except that many people forget that toddlers aren't always as advanced as we'd like.

*When buying toys keep safety and age in mind. Don't buy anything with parts that are too small or that are too advanced for the child.


5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Here are some great gifts to give to your dad, which he is sure to appreciate.

A Sound Bar

A sound bar is a speaker that is sleek and minimalistic and provides a surround system, for a fraction of the cost of a theater system, and it is also easy to setup and operate, making it ideal for seniors.

Sports Gear

If your father loves games such as tennis, squash or golf, you can always buy them another racquet or golf club. Or try fishing equipment, new running shoes, better hockey pads, etc. And if it's a sport you can play together, all the better.

A whisky Flask

If your father loves a good drink now and then, you can never go wrong with a whisky flask. Have it monogrammed for an extra thoughtful touch. A good bottle of wine, whisky or brandy is also a good choice. Cigars are a great gift if he smokes or is a collector.

Event Tickets

If he loves football games, get him a ticket for the team he supports or a gallery show event if he is more artsy. Get two tickets and enjoy it together. It's bound to be an experience he remembers for years to come.

A Toolkit

Men love to tinker with things, and while he may do more damage than good with his new found power, he will appreciate the gift.


Gifts for the Man or Woman Who Has Everything

Gift-giving should be a pleasure, but far too often, it's fraught with emotional stress and anxiety. No one wants their carefully selected gift to end up unused and unloved in a dresser drawer or closet in the recipient's spare room, but sadly, that is all too often the fate of some gifts. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the chances of this scenario occurring.

Purchase Something Useful in the Name of the Recipient

A monetary donation to animal shelter or other favorite cause in their name.

Name a star after them. While NASA may not recognize their name officially, it's still a fun gift for the star-gazer in your life

Anything of the Month Club

It's not just fruit-of-the-month anymore. Many variations of these "clubs" exist, and you're sure to find one that will delight your special someone. Like Cousin Eddie says in Christmas Vacation, "it's the gift that keeps on giving."





Personal fragrances

Music CDs


Give The Gift of an Experience

Most people like at least some sort of music, so consider getting your recipient a pair of tickets to a musical performance.

Or, for the man or woman who truly has everything, surprise them with something truly extravagant like a morning hot air balloon ride over their city to see the sunrise. If they're not an early riser, make it an evening ride complete with a sunset and bottle of champagne.


5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

Buying birthday gifts for the fashion-conscious woman should be fun. Of course, you could just ask her what she wants. However with a little forethought, you can choose gifts she'll enjoy on your own.

Pop Art Shoes

Art-inspired clothing is trendy. Consider a pair of shoes with classic pop art graphics. Christian Loubuotin has a line titled "Barney's Trash" that looks like the shoes have been covered in newspaper comics. Alternatively, opt for a pair of Converse sneakers that seem to have been painted by Roy Lichtenstein.

Little Black Bag

Every fashionista has a little black dress. But does she have the little black bag to go with it? Look for a stylish black bag with beading or sequins to make it evening-worthy. Otherwise, choose a small bag with a unique shape or in a luxurious fabric.

Jewelry Tree

Fashion plates are all about the jewelry. Make finding her favorite pieces easier by gifting her with a jewelry tree. Jewelry trees stand on the dresser with several arms reaching out to display necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Look for one with a sturdy base in case she piles on big statement accessories.

Statement Scarf

Speaking of statements, big scarves are a must for any fashion-conscious woman. Diane von Furstenberg has designed a graphic scarf in black and white with pom poms on the fringe. Otherwise, check out Etsy for hand-crafted statement scarves. The point is to find one that can make the plainest of outfits into a comment-worthy ensemble. Think big, colorful and/or fringed.

Gift Card

The fashionista in your life might have a style that bewilders you. Don't be afraid to go for the gift card from the store she loves best. Jazz it up by placing it inside of a club wallet, a billfold small enough to fit into a tiny purse.


Five Birthday Gifts for Technology Lovers

Buying a present for your technology loving friend, parent or partner can be quite the task. Here are five innovative products that would be a great surprise for any technology lover.

The Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

For that friend whose computer has become an extention of himself. This gift uses Bluetooth or USB technology to perform the functions of a standard keyboard, requires no software nor the restarting of computers to work.

The Mobee Technology Wireless Charger for Magic Mouse

Have a gamer in life? Voila, a mouse that is rechargeable and requires no batteries to function. Its ultra slim and stylish features are perfect for online gaming.

The Bluelounge Sanctuary

Know someone who's constantly on the go? Give that busy body the gift of power. This gadget can charge several items at once such as iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The FiftyThree Pencil

Know an Apple fan? She'll love this. Trust us.

The Supermechanical Twine

A great gift choice for the techonologically savvy homeowner. With this device, check and monitor temperature along with any vibrations and orientation. Know if you have a leak or a flood or even if a door is ajar before seeing it with your own eyes. It is also equipped with a number of engaging ways to display results right on your phone. Can a device make you feel like you have magical powers? This one certainly comes close.

How can I write a birthday poem?

How to Write a Birthday Poem

Sometimes, a birthday card just doesn't express your feelings adequately. You wish you could write a birthday poem instead, but you're no poet. Before you decide to buy a card that doesn't quite say what you want it to say, think about giving some simple, but heartfelt, poetry a try? You may just find that there is a bit of poetry in you after all.

  • You're as sweet as honey, as funny as a clown...Comparisons like this are pretty easy to make and can make an excellent beginning for a poem. Remember, you don't have to use the entire phrase in the traditional manner. Instead, you may want to try saying something like, "Funny clown, bringing laughter to us all..." as the start of your poem.
  • Write a short poem based on one of the Japanese poetry forms. The haiku or the cinquain are both forms of poetry that are under 25 syllables long, which makes either of them a great solution for someone who doesn't want to write a very long poem.
  • Make a list poem. List poems are a great way to let someone know about all of the characteristics he or she has that you think are just wonderful.

What can go in a birthday gift basket?

Birthday Gift Basket

Looking for birthday gift tips? A fun birthday gift basket can be designed for any age:

  • For the younger child, you could include bath toys, fun soaps and similar items.
  • For almost any age, a gift certificate for movie rentals, a bag of popcorn plus other snacks will be popular.
  • A birthday gift basket for a college student might include special toiletries or snack food items that are dorm-friendly.
  • If the student is living off-campus, some friendly meals are often a welcome gift. Cook up some of their favorite dinners and freeze them for later use.

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