Kid Party Favor Ideas

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Can you give me some ideas for kid party favors?

Kid Party Favor Ideas

Birthday parties for kids have endless possibilities. Throw a simple party at home, take the gang out to for an afternoon at the park, or throw an extravagant fete, complete with a live magician and band. To complete your child's birthday affair, come up with kid party favor ideas to compliment your event, whether it be an intimate get together or with a guest list with a hundred or more.

Personalized bubbles – Bubbles at any child's event make great kid party favor ideas. Make yours special by creating customized labels to commemorate your child's birthday affair.

Origami Animals – What can be more fun than colorful origami animals for every kid to take home? Turn this into an interesting activity by letting each child make her own version to take home.

Sweet Favor Treats – You'd be hard put to find a kid that didn't appreciate a sweet treat or two. Package up your own version of chocolates, gummy candies, and snack chews which compliment your birthday theme.

Music CD's – Does your child have some favorite tunes he enjoys? If you're planning on playing some birthday party music for all the guests, consider creating your own birthday label and handing out CD's to guests before they go.



9/16/2007 5:22:32 PM
leah said:

HOW STUPID! I'm 13 and would HATE to give these party favors at my party. HA! talk about social suicide...... origami animals??? get real

1/25/2012 3:47:17 PM
falafel said:

At age 13, Leah, you are not really a kid. You are a teen. These are not aimed at your demographic.


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