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Birthday by The Beatles FUNNY

These delightful gifs bring out the best side of the Fab Four.

Funny Happy Birthday Song - Cute Teddy Sings Very Funny Song

This gentle teddy bear raises important concerns about your birthday in the most gentle way possible.

Happy Birthday, Minions Style!

Send this video to the Minion fan in your life

Three Stooges Sing Happy Birthday

Send this video to someone who remembers when TV came in two colors- black and white.

Happy Birthday, Swedish Chef Style!

This video is sure to brighten anyone's birthday.

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

Its inspiring and feel-good vibe will bring a smile to anyone.

Kid Scared of Singing Happy Birthday

Don't let your fear of singing in public hold you back from belting out those notes.

The Muppet Show Band "Happy Birthday"

The Muppets never fail to stir up warm fuzzy feelings. Send this to your friend to make a point that "you're only as old as you feel".

It's Your Birthday

Tim and Eric don't mess around.

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