Sweet Sixteen Cake Ideas

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Do you have some ideas for a sweet sixteen cake?

Sweet Sixteen Cake Ideas

Every sweet sixteen party needs a cake. It's the celebratory dessert finale to every birthday party meal. We've compiled some creative sweet sixteen cake ideas that'll delight the eyes just as much as the taste buds.

  • For a sweet sixteen birthday party that's a winter wonderland, create a snowflake cake. You'll need a white chocolate cake, covered in fondant with snowflake cookie cutter cutouts.
  • If your sweet sixteen party is during an afternoon tea in a garden setting, have a banana cake covered in cream cheese frosting. The cake toppings can include a bouquet of edible flowers like lavender, mini roses, pansies, and violets.
  • Having a casino night sweet sixteen? Create a citrus yellow cake with whipped cream frosting and a raspberry filling. The cake decorations will include chocolate spades and clubs. Red candy coated hearts and diamonds will finish off the garnish.
  • Here's a sweet sixteen cake idea for the budding artist - an artwork cake resting on a picture frame. Chocolate cake with butter frosting decorated with multiple colors of food coloring will do the trick. Top it all off with a few artist's paint brushes.



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