Sweet 16 Invitations

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Are there any creative ideas for sweet 16 invitations?

Sweet 16 Invitations

You've got your theme, your favors and the music. Now all you need are your guests. To get them to the party, you'll need some sweet 16 invitations that are just as wonderful as all of the party plans. For invitations that are sure to make a great first impression, you should:

  • Think outside the box. Invitations don't have to be in the traditional form of cards in envelopes. Record the invitation and burn it on a CD or DVD. Sing, make it a play, or recite it as a poem. There are so many silly and funny ways to let everyone know about the big day. (This is only cool if the teenager the party is for does the performance. A parent putting on the performance will mortally embarrass the poor teen.)
  • Consider alternatives to cardstock if you still want a written invitation. Why not write all the details on a balloon or using icing to write them on a cookie instead of filling out a piece of paper?
  • Make the invitation all about the presentation. Deliver an invitation card that has been tucked into a small, glamorous purse or tied to a junk jewelry bangle.



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