Sweet 16 Party Favors

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What type of sweet 16 party favors should I use?

Sweet 16 Party Favors

When you're 16, bags of candy and plastic toys just don't cut it as party favors. A sweet sixteen is an important milestone in a teen's life and requires party favors that are more grown up. To choose the right sweet 16 party favors for your daughter's guests, you should:

  • Consider current trends for teens. For example, with the popularity of electronic gadgets currently being at an all time high, iPod cases with a code for a free music download tucked inside would be both fun and useful.
  • Think about a 16-year-old's needs, such as skin care products and makeup. You could put such items in traditional party favor bags, but why not try something a bit more unique, instead? These items could be packaged in small purses that would be useful during all of those teen dances and proms that are in the girls' future.
  • Find out what things the kids remember fondly from previous years and create time capsule favors that include one special thing from each year. Some items to consider including are small action figures from a popular movie, music from the boy band they all loved when they were 13 and the cheap mood rings they just had to have when they were eight. Make pouches using copies of newspaper front pages for the year your daughter was born to hold the goodies.



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