Great Leap Year Birthday Party Ideas

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Great Leap Year Birthday Party Ideas

Feel sad because you only have a birthday every four years? Don’t be! Like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, here are a few great suggestions for how to have a great un-birthday party every year instead of waiting and only having a quarter of your birthdays.

Pick Your Favorite

Most people are stuck with one day to celebrate. Not you. Pick your favorite day and rock out. For example, if you remember your graduation fondly, then your new birthday party date could be June 20th. You can pick any date that has special meaning like the day of your first kiss, the day you got your driver’s license, or even the day you got your braces off.

Keep Everyone Guessing

Rotate your birthday through the seasons so the fourth year is your winter year, happening on your actual birth date. The other three are fun, season-themed parties involving everything you like best about winter, spring, summer, and fall. If you have a favorite movie or book, this is the time to create a party theme to surprise your guests. Everyone will look forward to celebrating you.

It Is All About You

No matter what anyone tries to tell you to do about celebrating your birthday, remember that it is always your call. Don’t let anyone rain on your birthday celebration. If you love the zoo downtown but it is outdoors, pick a date where everyone can comfortably enjoy themselves while celebrating your day.

Your birthday is your special day. Whether you celebrate it once a year or once every four, as long as you're doing what makes you happy, the rest will naturally follow.



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