How to play 'Happy Birthday' on the Piano

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How to play 'Happy Birthday' on the Piano

For a person who already knows the notes on a piano, Happy Birthday is a relatively easy song to learn with no sharps and no flats. However, for a novice piano player, simply giving you the notes, isn't going to be super helpful. So let's do a quick overview of the piano.

Most pianos are comprised of 88 notes. While looking at these notes, you might observe that the black keys are in alternating clusters of two's and three's.

Find a group of two black keys. Put your finger on the first of the two, or the left black key. Slide your finger to the left to touch the white key that is directly beside it. This key is a C. On an 88 key piano, there are eight C's.

Right smack dab in the center, is middle C. To locate your middle C, you position yourself at the center of the piano, right below the manufacturer's name, find that central cluster of two black keys, and put your finger on the white key that is directly to the left of the 1st black key. Voila! Middle C.

Okay, that was the hard part.

Going to the right or up from C you have D, E, F, G, A, B, and then C again. Go ahead and mark those letters on your piano with tape until you can remember without the tape. Going to the left or down from middle C, the notes are B, A, G, F, E, D, and C. Mark these keys as well. Usually the notes above middle C are played with the right hand and notes below C are played with the left hand. C can be played by either. So here is the actual song:

left hand: G G A G C B, G G A G,

right hand: D C,

left hand: G G

right hand : G E C

left hand: B A

right hand: F F E C D C.



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