Ten Songs to Play at a Birthday Party

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Ten Songs to Play at a Birthday Party

Birthday songs make the perfect soundtrack for some of the most special moments in your life. To help you decide on the best songs to play at any birthday party, here is a list of relevant top ten songs:

  1. Kool and the Gang-“Celebration” (produced in 1980); a throwback tune that is easy to sing to and has wonderful flow that will bring the 80’s into the room.

  2. Rihanna-“Birthday Cake” (produced in 2011); a sensual song that will set the right mood for any grown up party with its great dance beats.

  3. Flo Rida-“Birthday” (produced in 2008); Flo Rida gives you an epic dance track and a must-have act at your birthday party.

  4. The game-“Celebration” (produced in 2012); a great song that will have you singing along to the tunes.

  5. Fabolous -"This Is My Party" (produced in 2013). Its funky party instrumentals have kept it a party classic since its release.

  6. Alphaville-"Forever Young" (produced in 1984); The 80s at it's finest. Or if you prefer more recent songs, use Jay-Z's version.

  7. R Kelly-"It's Your Birthday" (produced in 2004). This is a classic party hit that will keep the older audience entertained.

  8. 50 Cent- “In Da Club" (produced in 2002); this song is a must have for a dance scene memory at your birthday party.

  9. Lil' Bow Wow-"Eighteen" (produced in 2011); Bow Wow produce this track exclusively for birthdays. It is a must-have, especially if you are turning eighteen.

  10. Leslie Gore-“It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to)” (produced in 1963); It's an oldie, and still a goodie.



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