5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

Buying birthday gifts for the fashion-conscious woman should be fun. Of course, you could just ask her what she wants. However with a little forethought, you can choose gifts she'll enjoy on your own.

Pop Art Shoes

Art-inspired clothing is trendy. Consider a pair of shoes with classic pop art graphics. Christian Loubuotin has a line titled "Barney's Trash" that looks like the shoes have been covered in newspaper comics. Alternatively, opt for a pair of Converse sneakers that seem to have been painted by Roy Lichtenstein.

Little Black Bag

Every fashionista has a little black dress. But does she have the little black bag to go with it? Look for a stylish black bag with beading or sequins to make it evening-worthy. Otherwise, choose a small bag with a unique shape or in a luxurious fabric.

Jewelry Tree

Fashion plates are all about the jewelry. Make finding her favorite pieces easier by gifting her with a jewelry tree. Jewelry trees stand on the dresser with several arms reaching out to display necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Look for one with a sturdy base in case she piles on big statement accessories.

Statement Scarf

Speaking of statements, big scarves are a must for any fashion-conscious woman. Diane von Furstenberg has designed a graphic scarf in black and white with pom poms on the fringe. Otherwise, check out Etsy for hand-crafted statement scarves. The point is to find one that can make the plainest of outfits into a comment-worthy ensemble. Think big, colorful and/or fringed.

Gift Card

The fashionista in your life might have a style that bewilders you. Don't be afraid to go for the gift card from the store she loves best. Jazz it up by placing it inside of a club wallet, a billfold small enough to fit into a tiny purse.



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