Birthday Poems on Demand

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Can I hire someone to write birthday poems?

Birthday Poems on Demand

You really want to express how special a friend or relative is to you, but you can't even write a quick note, let alone write something as creative as a birthday poem. Luckily, there is an option that allows you to give a birthday poem to the birthday honoree without writing anything besides your signature on a check. You can hire a poet to write the poem for you. To be sure this gift turns out to be a success, you should:

  • Ask to see samples of the poet's work before making a decision that this poet is the right one for the job. Some poets write very simply and sweetly, while others use obscure phrases and references.
  • While it may be tempting to ask the poet to ghostwrite the poem, remember that you'll then have a reputation as a poet to maintain. Hey, you thought of getting someone to write the poem. That's cool enough.
  • Make sure to give the poet plenty of material to work with. The more the poet knows about the birthday boy or girl, the better and more personal the poem will be. Consider giving the poet information about hobbies, personality, physical characteristics and favorite things.



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