Outdoor Party Places For Birthday Party Locations

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What do I need to know about holding a party outdoors?

Outdoor Party Places For Birthday Party Locations

If you're lucky enough to have a birthday during one of the summer months, enjoy the outdoors and take a tip from one of our outdoor party places:

  • Some outside locations have neighbors who complain if they hear ANY noises from a party (music, people laughing loudly, glasses breaking on cement, car engines/doors, sneezes, etc.). Many of these locations have an unreasonably low music volume restriction placed on their music entertainment that can affect the enjoyment of an event. Check music volume restrictions if this is a concern to you!
  • Umbrellas or other shademakers for afternoon parties are not only pretty looking, but in hot climates they can be essential to a great outdoor party. If you don't have trees that give shade to your outdoor party area, be sure to set up some sort of cover for your guests.
  • Keep sunscreen handy and offer to slather some on your guests often. Also make sure to have bug spray available. Even some extra sweaters in case things get cold can make your guests more comfortable.
  • Burn citrus candles to help keep a variety of bugs at bay, and keep ponds stocked with mosquito fish. For yellow jackets (daytime nuisances, mostly), try traps from your nursery or garden center; hang them at least 5 yards downwind of a barbecue or picnic table, waist-high or lower.
  • Cover food, especially meat and sweet drinks, on a buffet table. Don't let your food - hot or cold - sit out on the picnic table for more than two hours - or within one hour if the outside temperature is above 85°F. Put perishables into the cooler immediately after eating. And remember - when in doubt, throw it out.
  • Wind can be a major problem for outdoor parties. Use heavy decorations, napkins, tableware, etc. that will be less likely to be toppled or blown away by high winds, and pin or bolt down everything that can be pinned or bolted down.
  • Let parents know that the party will be outdoors so they can dress their child appropriately. You don't want anyone to show up in a fancy outfit that 'can't get dirty' or restricts their play.
  • If you want to serve lunch, choose something (like sandwiches) that you can prepare ahead of time, to keep you from having to run in and out of the house. Or order a pizza! If you have plenty of helpers on hand you can barbecue, but children are such picky eaters...the time and trouble involved in barbecuing is seldom worth it.



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