Indoor Party Places For Birthday Party Locations

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What is something different I can do at my party?

Indoor Party Places For Birthday Party Locations

Looking for a new and innovative place to hold your next birthday party? Here are some indoor ideas we recommed:

  • Rent a hotel room, spend the night and play in their pool and watch videos. Be sure to let the hotel know you'd like a room away from other "sleeping" guests! For a big surprise, rent a limo to pick up the guests.
  • If you're looking for a fun, relaxing party why not visit a beauty salon and get a makeover? Depending on your budget you and your guests could get your nails done, your makeup done, your hair... or the works!
  • To throw an unforgettable birthday party, sign up with FAO Schwartz for their in-store slumber party that includes a treasure hunt, gift certificates, and unlimited access to the entire toy selection, as well as a price tag of approximately $17,500.
  • If you've decided to have your party at home, consider putting any pets in an area away from the guests. Many people are either allergic or uncomfortable around strange animals, and small children can get frightened easily.
  • Pool parties can be a blast! But many kids have drowned with 20 adults standing in sight! Designate one or two adults to watch the pool at all times. Give them strict instructions not to do anything else (even talk or eat).



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