40th Theme and Balloons

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What can I do for a 40th birthday party?

40th Theme and Balloons

"Decide a theme. For my husband's 40th birthday party I did not want to use the black 40th theme that is prevalent for over-the-hill make-fun-of-the-birthday-guy events. I decided to use a festive, colourful theme that included no black. I hired two neighbour boys to come to the house a few hours before the guests were to arrive and blow up helium balloons in all different colours until the entire ceiling was solidly covered. It worked to my advantage in many ways: The ceiling had a very ugly brown stain where the ceiling had begun to leak and we had not gotten a chance to repair it; hubby didn't have to look at black and feel depressed; it made perfect decorations without decorating anything else inside the house; and it was easy clean up. As the balloons fell, I popped and tossed. My theme was: Forty is colorful."
by Kay Chirichigno



8/13/2007 6:27:02 PM
Lou from Hong Kong said:

I love this theme. Colorful. May well go with this one! Thank you for sharing!

Warm regards, Lou

6/27/2011 8:26:15 AM
Beaula said:

Thanks what a great idea. You just help me mike up my mind for the invites


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