Finding Party Places

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How do I find party places?

Finding Party Places

You're planning a surprise party and you need to have it somewhere else, because having it at home would never work with your super sleuth around. Now, your problem is that you have no idea how to find party places.

Often, the best place to start looking is in your old-fashioned yellow page book. Open your book to the party section. You will probably see that it is broken down into several parts, such as party centers, party and event planning services and party supplies. If there are other listings in other sections, your book should tell you. For example, under party supplies, there may be a note that says see also: novelties.

If you still want more options, check your local newspaper. Community newspapers often have local party places listed that are not in the yellow page book because they are fairly new or opted to save money on advertising.

If none of these places are still right for you, call a few local restaurants. Chains like McDonalds and Chick Fil A are happy to accommodate birthday parties and many of them have play areas for kids to run around in. Small restaurants and diners may not have play areas, but many of them do offer private rooms for parties that are great for teen and adult birthday celebrations.



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