60th Birthday Party Themes

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Are there any 60th birthday party ideas?

60th Birthday Party Themes

Sixty is one of those birthday years that often gets overlooked. The major bash for the 50th birthday was 10 years before and the retirement party is still a few years off. However, if you like to throw parties, a 60th birthday party is a great opportunity to squeeze another one in.

It may not be time to retire yet, but most people retire when they are in the 60th decade, so why not throw a pre-retirement birthday bash? Get the birthday recipient ready for the day he or she walks out the office door for the last time with a party that includes plenty of ideas for spare time pursuits. Ask guests to bring how to books, hobby supplies, or gift certificates for golf lessons or knitting and crochet classes.

Another 60th birthday party idea you might want to consider is choosing to throw a birthday bash that helps a local cause and still lets everyone have a good time. Rent space at the zoo, in the local boys and girls club or at the library. Then, have all the guests bring a cash donation to add to the fund instead of a big birthday gift. Make sure there is good food and music so everyone has plenty of fun. At the end of the event, ask the birthday honoree to present the donation to a representative for the cause.



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