Make That 30th Birthday Special

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What are some 30th birthday ideas?

Make That 30th Birthday Special

Many people feel that their 30th birthday marks the beginning of their lives as adults. They spend more time working or hanging out at home than they do partying with the old gang from school— usually because they have a new gang to spend time with in the under the age of five! However, while the party may not be quite as wild as it used to be, 30-year-olds still like to have fun. Try one of these ideas for a 30th birthday party:

  • Rent a hall and hold a traditional grownup cocktail party, but invite all the kids. Hire several child care providers to entertain the children with child appropriate food, entertainment and craft projects. Parents will be able to enjoy the party without any worry, since they don't have to find sitters and they can quickly check in on the kids, who are just a few feet away in another room in the same building.
  • Throw a practical party. Have everyone get together and finish up a project the birthday honoree has been trying to complete. Ask the guests to bring practical gifts, such as office supplies or that new toilet bowl gizmo everyone's talking about. Serve simple food, like hamburgers and hot dogs.



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