50th Birthday Gag Gift

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What can I give as a 50th birthday gag gift?

50th Birthday Gag Gift

Fifty years is half a century. It is a major wedding anniversary. It is a landmark birthday. So, what better way to commemorate the day than with a 50th birthday gag gift? Sure, you can do all the traditional squirting tie tacks and rubber chickens, but you could also try something that ties into the age of the recipient.

One tacky pink yard flamingo is a good one. A pair of these plastic birds is usually an ironic statement. However, 50 pink yard flamingos covering the lucky birthday boy or girl's lawn is a great gag gift. The lucky recipient will probably never forget the day he or she stepped out the front door to retrieve the newspaper to see 50 pink yard flamingos on the lawn. Fifty lawn gnomes or 50 plastic ducks create a similar impression.

In the past 50 years, there were many tasteless and tacky fashion trends. Hit the thrift shops and dig through the closets to find examples of the many different really bad trends. Wrap them with care and present them as if they are serious gifts. Don't forget to mention that the gifts are a gag after they are opened, or you may see the birthday recipient wearing one or more of them sometime soon so he or she doesn't hurt your feelings!



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