Choosing the Right 50th Birthday Invitations

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Are there any tips for choosing 50th birthday invitations?

Choosing the Right 50th Birthday Invitations

There are so many designs for 50th birthday invitations available that narrowing the choices down to just one can be overwhelming. How do you decide on just one of the many invitation styles? Try some of these tips for choosing the right 50th birthday invitations for your special celebration:

  • Decide whether you want silly or sophisticated invitations. This allows you to cut out an entire category immediately.
  • Think about the wording on the invitations. Are you holding a surprise party or is the birthday boy or girl helping you address the envelopes? You can cut out another category with this simple decision.
  • Consider buying personalized invitations. This option allows you to choose the wording you want and saves quite a bit of energy and time, since you won't have to fill in all those who, what, when and where lines on generic invitations.
  • Think about the birthday honoree's tastes. If he or she has a special color preference or hobby, you may want to look for invitations that reflect these things. In fact, if you don't have a party theme picked out yet, those invitations that seem so perfect may just give you the inspiration for the whole party!



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