Choosing the Right 1st Birthday Party Supplies

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How do I choose the right 1st birthday party supplies?

Choosing the Right 1st Birthday Party Supplies

Baby's first birthday is coming up fast and it is time to start shopping for 1st birthday party supplies! However, there are so many choices that narrowing them down to just a few can be overwhelming. How do you decide which supplies to buy?

First, think about whether you want a classic party that won't seem dated ten years from now or if a silly fad that you'll laugh about is just fine with you. Princess themes, teddy bears and trains are all ideas that show up generation after generation, while decorations with characters from current television shows may not be popular for more than a few years.

After you've decided on a theme for the party, it is time to shop for supplies. Some 1st birthday party supplies that are essential include:

  • Invitations - Invitations should reflect the party theme to help the whole event feel well organized.
  • Party hats or crowns - These are worn for about 10 seconds by most babies, so have the camera ready to capture that shot!
  • Small disposable plates and napkins
  • Disposable tablecloth
  • Banner and decorations
  • A first birthday candle - This also makes a special little keepsake for the memory chest.
  • Goodie bags for the guests - Be sure that any toddlers have baby safe treats in their bags.



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