Games and Activities For The First Birthday

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Games and Activities For The First Birthday

Throwing a first birthday party takes a little thought. If you're having a party with other babies, remember a few things about one-year olds and your first birthday party should go off without a hitch.

-Have enough toys available for babies, who tend to play next to each other, not with each other.

-Hold the party after most babies have had their afternoon nap so they are less tired and cranky

-Choose a place for the party that is familiar to the baby and where it feels safe and comfortable

-Balloons are not a great idea at a first birthday party because if they pop, the loud noise might frighten the babies and if they break, it becomes a choking hazard.
Little ones can also play the piñata for a first birthday party. Instead of swinging and hitting the piñata, get a pull-string version where little ones can keep tugging until the piñata breaks and delivers a trove of sweet goodies. You can choose from a numbered version, a cupcake, or rubber duck. If you see a version you want that's not a pull-string, just purchase the kit and you'll have an instant toddler friendly piñata game for your first birthday party.



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