Your Birthday Party Supply List

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Your Birthday Party Supply List

Depending on just how formal you make your affair, you may decide your birthday party supply list will include flowers or balloons for decorations. If you decide to put balloons on your birthday party supply list, choose two carefully coordinated colors. You can bunch helium-filled versions with curled ribbons as an attractive table centerpiece. Towards the end of the event, a balloon drop from the ceiling makes a grand finale. Throwing a much younger birthday party? You'll need birthday party supplies for that, too. You probably won't forget the basics for a birthday party, like the cake and balloons, but if the kids at the party will be playing any kind of games, you want to be sure to include prizes in your birthday party supply list. The prizes don't have to be extravagant since most kids will just be happy to "win" something. Keychains, coin purses, notepads and other small items will suffice as prizes for games. Another way to ensure you didn't forget any supplies is to get a party pack, which includes things like party hats, crepe paper, invitations, cake toppers, wall decorations, themed activities, even thank-you notes for after the party is over. Having a luau party? A party pack includes flip flops, coconut cups and leis. Having a pre-historic party? Dinosaur party packs contain dinosaur candy eggs and bobble head dinosaurs.



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