Guidelines For Playing With Piņatas

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Guidelines For Playing With Piņatas

Piñatas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can choose from character piñatas like Elmo or Hello Kitty. Or pick piñatas in the form of a bulldozer or pink poodle. Fill your piñata with candy treats or small toys. The most important part of the piñata is what's inside. You can fill piñatas with your own combination of goodies. If you don't want to include all candy, try filling with non-edible surprises, like stickers, small figurines or shiny, metallic pencils. If you would rather have the filler already done for you, buy pre-packaged candy and treats, usually called piñata fillers. The store-bought fillers may include both candy and small toys, like yo-yos, kaleidoscopes and whistles. Be sure to make sure that your guests are old enough to have any of the toys because some may be too small and pose a choking hazard. To stuff, look for the removable sticker on the opening of the piñata and push through gently. Before you throw a bunch of candy, toys and stickers into the piñata, consider dividing the treats into small bags so each child gets an equal amount. This also helps avoid any fighting or tears after the fun is over. For an easy solution, purchase a filler kit, which would give you an assortment of small toy favors as well as sweets to eat.



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