A 55th Birthday Celebration for Mom

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what is something special that i can do for my mother's 55th birthday. we are having a surprise party

A 55th Birthday Celebration for Mom

There is a "new" tradition growing in popularity in the U.S. called a "Croning". This is a community-based ceremony where a woman over 50 is welcomed into her new role in the "tribe" as a grandmother, a wise woman, and a teacher. It is based on the philosophy that women go through three distinct phases in their lives - the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone - and it works to validate the worth of a woman that has lived many years and collected a lot of experience.

While there is a bit of speculation about where the Croning ceremony actually originated, there is some suggestion that it may be a very ancient ritual. In truth, the origin of the ceremony is not anywhere near as valuable as what you choose to do with it.

Getting a rough outline for the Croning ceremony determined would include the community of women and family coming together to talk about and prepare for it.

  • A Crown is made out of whatever is appropriate and meaningful to the lady being Croned - stones, flowers, and wire are quite common. This represents her accomplishment and being at the "highest rank" in her "tribe". It is often associated with the element of Earth.
  • A Staff or Wand is decorated with ribbons, bells, whistles, beads, leather, or, again, whatever is appropriate. This is the symbol of her power in the community, her authority, and with this power, we see the association with the element of Fire.
  • A Blanket or Shawl is the final the three "persistent" gifts, and it should be sumptuous, warm, and comforting. Generally, the Shawl should be large enough so that the lady being Croned can hold someone else in her lap - a child or a pet, for instance. The Blanket/Shawl is her experience, her wisdom, that is only given when appropriate. This wisdom is also called "knowledge", and it related to the element of Air.
  • Finally, the last gift is usually a large meal, complete with tasty treats - cake, wine, tea, roasted meats, and other pot-luck dishes. This is the part where the community especially works to give back to the Crone, to nourish her they way she nourished the community as the Mother.
Because the Crone is a basic archetype according to the writings of Jung and Campbell both, it's very easy to integrate into just about any spiritual path. The party itself is usually defined as a "Queen for the Day - And Every Day After" theme, and imagery of crowns, wands, and royalty are normal. Think of your menu and decorations as being sensual - yummy foods, comfy seating, soft lighting, aromatic diffusers, and gentle music. What could be more appropriate for a queen?

This is a great opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived and remind the Crone that her life is not over - that there are so many more adventures waiting for her. Additional gifts can include journals, inspiration cards, bath luxuries, affirmation books, photo albums, scrapbooks, or any supplies for hobbies she enjoys. This is not the time for gag gifts or jokes that diminish the value of her years of experience.

There is only one reported problem with having this kind of party, and that is that it is very difficult to come up with a celebration that measures up the following year!



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