Planning Successful Birthday Parties For Your Teen

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What will help keep party planning for my teen successful?

Planning Successful Birthday Parties For Your Teen

Planning birthday parties for your teen can be a challenge. You need to juggle a reasonable budget, fun-filled activity, and decide on a suitable location. However, having successful birthday parties for your teen doesn't have to be stressful. Here are six keys to party planning success that will leave you and your teen happy.

1. Discuss party expectations with your teenager.
2. Create a reasonable budget.
3. Find a theme based on your teen's interests.
4. Include music that your teen likes and approves of.
5. Set clear ground rules before the start of the party.
6. Remember the event is for your teen and take a step back from taking over the party planning.



5/31/2007 5:06:29 PM
ana said:

this really helped me with myh daughters tween party

2/9/2009 8:37:06 AM
katie said:

I am 13 and I agree with everything you said except this year i am completely planning my own party so this didnt really help me very much


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