Party Theme Ideas For The Birthday Girl

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What are some party themes for girls?

Party Theme Ideas For The Birthday Girl

Just because you're throwing a birthday party for the birthday girl doesn't mean you simply pull out all the pink plates and streamers you can find. Even younger girls will respond to party theme ideas with a certain level of sophistication. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, here is some inspiration for you.

Storybook theme- Younger kids will love participating in a combination of arts, crafts, and music based on a storybook theme. You can even get the little ones dressed up in the characters of their choice.

Cosmo Girl theme – For girls interested in the latest trends, an introduction to the hippest hair, makeup, and clothes will be a fun time by all. In this party theme, girls get to glam up in an age appropriate fashion.

Spa Time theme – Got some budding teens to cater a party theme to? Put together a spa party that they'll be sure to enjoy. Manicures, pedicures, and a new hairstyle will make every adolescent birthday girl feel her best.



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