Ideas For First Birthday Cakes

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Do you have some ideas for interesting first birthday cakes?

Ideas For First Birthday Cakes

It's your baby's first birthday and you want to make the event special. If you're trying to come up with ideas for first birthday cakes, remember that you don't have to go with the standard square sheet or even a round version. Whether you're a whiz at baking or planning to use the services of a professional, here are some less than usual ideas for first birthday cakes.

  • Create a first birthday cake fit for a king with a castle cake. Snack fruit rolls attached to wooden skewers make great flags and pretzel sticks lined in a row will create a bridge for your castle cake.
  • Your party will go just swimmingly with a rubber duck cake. Use wedge shaped jelly candies for the beak on your rubber duck cake and add a heavy dose of blue frosting for the water surrounding the duck.
  • For a truly magical first birthday cake, create a rabbit in a hat cake. Two layers of round cake can make up the hat while marshmallows will make up the rabbit.



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