Games and Activities For The First Birthday

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Games and Activities For The First Birthday

Planning games and activities for the guests of your child's first birthday can keep the event lively and fun. If you're short on ideas for games and activities, take a look at our ideas for entertainment during a first birthday party.

Duck Pond – For the outdoor first birthday, create a duck pond for your youngest guests to splash around in. Fill a kiddie pool with water and place several yellow rubber ducks and other floating objects. Remember to keep all infants, toddlers, and younger children supervised around water at all times.

Wagon Rides – Take a child's pull wagon and decorate it for the first birthday. Pull a few of the guests around for a ride. Add a toy horn the kids can squeeze for fun.

Sing Along – Make a tape of a familiar children's song and select a few well-placed pauses. Adults and kids can get together, sing along, and play with musical shakers – the trick is to get the whole group to stay silent during the pauses in the music.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Make a slight twist on this classic game. For instance, if your theme is clowns, play pin the nose on the clown. Use double sided tape and forgo the blindfold for the youngest players.



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