Ideas For Elegant Birthday Party Decorations

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How can I create an elegant birthday celebration?

Ideas For Elegant Birthday Party Decorations

If you're throwing an upscale birthday party affair, the key to elegance is to keep things simple. Here are some ideas for elegant birthday party decorations for your next swanky affair:

  • Use Candles. Keep the color of your candles neutral or have a colored theme and keep all your luminaries within the same hue.
  • Choose some framed art pieces. Place them in your entertaining venue. Remember, they don't have to be pieces by Van Gogh or Picasso.
  • Add a rich fabric runner to your table. It's an easy way to create an upscale look for your birthday party.
  • Add silver and crystal pieces. Glasses, platters, vases, and bowls arranged just so will make your event more lavish.
  • Create a floral centerpiece. A floral arrangement can add instant refinement to your birthday party decorations.



7/21/2009 10:48:40 PM
Edda Wyberski said:

I totally agree,simplicity is elegance. With this kind of setting the mood is not only elegant but,for your guests it will become an evening of romance and love,not to mention an unforgettable birthday.


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