Birthday Partys: Registering for Gifts

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My son is getting a handheld video game player/device for his birthday and we would like to suggest gift cards from the local stores where he will be able to buy video games. Is this appropriate and how do I word this?

Birthday Partys: Registering for Gifts

Brides have been doing it for decades: registering for gifts at their local department and specialty stores so that interested friends and family members could purchase gifts that the newlyweds really wanted. So, is this practice practical and appropriate for other occasions, like birthdays? Absolutely! As people get busier and busier -- and gifts for every occasion bet more and more expensive -- partygoers appreciate knowing what the birthday boy or girl wants and where to get it. The best way to communicate your wishes is in the party invitiation itself. After you list the traditional date, place, time, etc., simply note that the birthday person would appreciate gift cards to (retailer name here) for video games for his/her nifty new Nintendo! The partygoers still have the option to bring other gifts, but they know what your child would really like...and where to get it.



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