Birthday Party Ideas: Tween 12

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What should I do for my 12th birthday party? I want it be fun and different!

Birthday Party Ideas: Tween 12

The 'tween years' -- where a person is not quite a teenager and not a kid either -- are challenging on many levels. A tween's interests are split between the two groups, so he or she can be a hard person to figure out! As a result, planning a birthday party for a 12 year-old is a tricky business. Be sure to do your homework before hand. Find out the interests of the birthday boy or girl and his or her friends and build the birthday party theme around them. Does he/she like sports? Music? A certain movie or TV show? Once you have chosen the theme, be creative in the execution, considering how the food, drink, decorations, music and games can carry the theme through in your party. And don't forget to have fun!



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