Child Birthday Party Invitation

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What should go on a child birthday party invitation?

Child Birthday Party Invitation

Looking for birthday party invitation tips? For a child birthday party invitation, remember to include the basic information. The name of the birthday child, the age, the date and time of the party, and what, if anything, each guest should bring. Provide a phone number and/or an email address for responding and include an RSVP date if you need to have a firm number of guests (for events held at commercial establishments like skating rinks or if you need t buy movie tickets in advance). If you're going to be transporting the children somewhere, include the details of that so that parents can opt to drive their own child if they'd rather. Including a map of the party location is a nice touch.

*For casual parties, two weeks' notice is usually adequate, giving everyone time to make plans and do any shopping necessary. More formal events require a longer lead time, especially if any travel from out of town is required.



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