Birthday Cake Design: Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

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Can I make my own ice cream birthday cake design?

Birthday Cake Design: Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

Birthday cakes are great but one of the best birthday cake ideas ever thought up was the ice cream cake. Yum...the best of both worlds. While many people routinely buy ice cream birthday cakes, they're really not that hard to make. To make your own ice cream cake, follow these instructions:

  • Bake two round cakes and cool completely.
  • Pull the ice cream out of the freezer and let it soften.
  • Cut each cake in half, horizontally, so you have 4 circles.
  • Lay down one circle and spread softened ice cream on top.
  • Top with another circle and repeat.
  • Frost the whole cake with whipped topping and decorate
  • Put it back in the freezer until ready to serve.

Get creative with the decorations by using small toys, candy pieces, and sprinkles. And, use food coloring to make the icing any shade you would like.



5/27/2007 8:44:10 PM
Devren said:

this tip is so delicios. i'll try it for my sleepover. its really cute and it sounds like lots of fun.


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