Birthday Cake Idea: Make Your Own Butterfly Cake

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Can I make my own butterfly birthday cake?

Birthday Cake Idea: Make Your Own Butterfly Cake

Leave your birthday guests fluttering with a spectacular cake. One birthday cake idea is to bake a 9x13 cake and cut into pieces that fit together to make a butterfly. Follow the instructions below: • Let the cake cool completely before cutting and decorating.

  • Cut a 1" strip from the narrow side for the body of the butterfly.
  • Cut an X in the rest of the cake to make four equal-sized triangles. These become the wings.
  • Lay the wings against the body, frost and decorate.
  • Tint some coconut yellow or make yellow frosting (or both).
  • Use gumdrops cut into various pieces to make the design on the butterfly's wings.
  • Thin black licorice strips make the antennas.



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