Balloons and Streamers as Birthday Decoration

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What kind of inexpensive birthday decoration can I find?

Balloons and Streamers as Birthday Decoration

One of the best birthday decoration tips is to look to balloons and streamers when you need an inexpensive birthday decoration idea. Want some others? Try these:

  • Crepe paper streamers, twisted festively from the center of the room out, in alternating colors, are beautiful.
  • Hang bunches of balloons from light fixtures and then run streamers to the corners.
  • If you have doorways or arches, attach bunches of balloons, tied with colorful ribbon.
  • Fly a bunch of balloons from your mailbox or some other significant visual spot in front of your home to guide guests to the proper house.
  • Gather two different colors of crepe paper together and twist them as you string it from one spot to another.

*If you're careful, you can roll up and reuse crepe paper streamers.



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