Games and Your Birthday Party Theme

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How can I adapt different games for my birthday party theme?

Games and Your Birthday Party Theme

If you have a birthday party theme, adapt games to match the themes. For example, you can have a scavenger party and make the items to be collected organized around the birthday party theme. If you're having a cowboy party with a scavenger hunt, have kids collect items like a can of beans, a piece of rope, and a piece of straw or hay.

If you don't have a particular theme, make the items age appropriate and easy to collect. One variation on the scavenger hunt idea is to give each team a "white elephant" item. Instead of asking for things, they offer to trade the item for something that the people don't want. Set a time limit or a number of houses and then have everyone return. Have each child vote (anonymously) on what item they think is the best. The winner is the team that collected the most popular item.



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