Who Shares my Birthday?

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What is a shared birthday party theme?

Who Shares my Birthday?

One fun birthday party theme for adults and teenagers is to center the party around who else was born on that day. You can play various games where the answers are other famous people born the same day as the birthday person. You might set the stage by making the birthday party invitation include names and pictures of celebrities born on the same day.

Birthday decorations can also center around this theme, with pictures of famous people or some specific genre of art or music credited to someone who shares a birthday. Younger children might get a kick out of decorating around a favorite book by an author that shares their birthday.



3/10/2007 6:24:27 PM
anna said:

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5/22/2007 7:30:58 AM
Sara said:

Who shares a birthday of October 27.With Me i am sara Doherty

12/26/2008 8:39:22 AM
Phineas said:

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