Birthday Coloring Pages

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Are birthday coloring pages a good idea?

Birthday Coloring Pages

Birthday coloring pages are great for kids who want to give cards to the birthday boy or girl that they've made themselves. They are also an ideal base for easy kids' birthday craft projects. You can find quite a few different free coloring pages with a quick web browser search.

  • Be sure you don't go to a site that has a lot of pop-ups. Many times, coloring page sites are very ad heavy to make up for the high bandwidth costs of the graphics-intensive Web pages.
  • If you aren't sure whether the image will print right, be sure to use the print preview option before you hit the print button. This shows you how the page will look after it prints and lets you see how many pages will be printing out. Many times, a second page with URLs or an ad comes out along with the coloring sheet. Seeing that there are two pages in the print preview page allows you to select the option to print just the current page with the coloring sheet on it.
  • Once you have the coloring sheets printed out, take a quick look at them to think what else can be done to make them a bit more fun for the kids to work on. For example, if they are coloring a page with flowers on it, why not give them a few flower cutouts to glue on to the page, too?



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