Kids Birthday Party Game

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Is there a fun kids birthday party game that can be a big part of the day?

Kids Birthday Party Game

Kids love to play detective just as much as adults do, so why not create a child friendly version of the popular murder mystery party game? This kids birthday party game should be just as filled with funny characters and red herrings as an adult party, but should have a less tragic crime to solve. Instead of murder, the crime should be something like stolen cookies or a missing puppy.

Write out scenes that an older sibling and friends can practice ahead of time and then act out during the party or select a few of the birthday guests and have another adult coach them for fifteen or so minutes before they start the game.

Remember, kids can be quite good at figuring out puzzles, so you don't want to make the answer too easy. However, you want to be sure there are plenty of clues for them to find. As the game continues and no one has solved the crime, clues should become more and more obvious.

You may want to have the kids write down their answers instead of shouting them out, so that all the kids that are right can get a special prize. If some of the children are younger than others, encourage them to work as teams.



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