Childrens Birthday Parties at the Beach

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Are there any tips for having successful childrens birthday parties at the beach?

Childrens Birthday Parties at the Beach

During summer months, childrens birthday parties at the beach are a great idea, especially if your beach is not in an overcrowded resort area. The kids can enjoy the weather and the parents can get enough exercise (keeping track of the kids) to skip workouts at the gym for a week. Although it certainly isn't an easy day for parents, it is less messy than cleaning up after an indoor birthday party.

  • When you send out invitations to the party, remind parents to bring plenty of towels, sunscreen and drinking water for all the attendees in their families.
  • If you are going to do a cook out, remember to bring all the necessary items, like lighters, charcoal briquettes and barbeque forks.
  • Don't forget beach balls, volleyballs and plenty of buckets and shovels. One of the best things about a birthday party at the beach is those sandcastle building contests you can hold.
  • Other fun activities include making mer-people by having kids sit in the sand and covering their legs with sand that has been shaped to look like a tail and collecting pretty shells and driftwood pieces. If you bring a folding table, shoeboxes and glue, the kids can glue their treasures onto the shoeboxes to make their own goodie boxes.



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