Kids Birthday Party Ideas for a Pirate Theme

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Are there any kids birthday party ideas I should consider for a pirate theme?

Kids Birthday Party Ideas for a Pirate Theme

If your little pirate loves making his or her friends walk the plank, then you may want to look for kids birthday party ideas for a pirate theme. To throw a party that is sure to shiver your child's timbers, you should:

  • Make sure you have props at the door for any children that don't arrive at the party in costume. An eye patch, a bandana to tie on his or her head and a sword will have the unprepared little pirate ready to join the fun in no time.
  • Set up plenty of pirate-themed activities, like an area where prisoners have to walk the plank. Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of putting this together. A plank walking station can be a very simple activity to create. Put a mattress on the ground and cover it with blue fabric. Decorate with a few shark fins taped to the fabric to make it appear as if sharks are circling in the water. Position two cement blocks or other sturdy objects at opposite sides of the mattress and lay a board across them. Be sure two adults are holding the plank in place before the kids hop on to try their luck walking the plank.



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