Pinatas for Grown Ups

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Are pinatas a good idea for grown ups?

Pinatas for Grown Ups

While most people only use piñatas for kids, they can really be fun to use during adult birthday parties, too. Although guests with fresh manicures may abstain from piñata whacking, plenty of other guests will enjoy taking a swing at the paper mache shape.

There's nothing wrong with filling a piñata with one of the junk toy and candy mixes that the party stores sell for kids' parties. Adults may not keep the toys around very long and may pass the candy on to their kids, but it is the fun of remembered childhood games that makes the whole thing appealing anyway.

For something a bit more special, look for vintage toys from your generation's childhood to fill the piñata with. Plastic Star Wars figurines or cowboys and Indians will immediately transport many of the guests back to childhood. Keychain sized Etch A Sketch and Lite Brite toys are also a great choice. Don't forget candy that was popular when you were growing up, too.

Of course, if you are throwing a party where the budget isn't a big concern, you can always choose to fill the piñata with much more expensive gifts. Costume jewelry, gift cards and plastic eggs filled with codes for free song downloads are all sure to get the guests excited.



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